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Wife of nearly 14 yrs to my best friend, Mother of 4 beautiful children, keeper to 6 furbabies! I have been a dabbler in the Paint Shop Pro world for a couple years seriously now I guess,... and have learned many things through some wonderful friends!!
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Thank you's

Silly as it might seem, when I posted my first template and found that both DigiFree & Creative Busy Hands both found my blog and posted my template, I was VERY excited :o) It's like WOW!!! My stuff is actually good enough that they're interested in putting it on a site where EVERYONE can see?????

I'm going to redo my links here,... but I'm finding that to be sort of overwhelming atm. I wanted to do a Tut section, Scrap section, Resource section,.... and then friends too... just not sure how to work it all out like I see in my head yet LOL

In any event,.... I'm very familiar with DigiFree and have used their site for a long time!!! Such great finds there!!!!

I didn't know about Creative Busy Hands site though, and am anxious to check it out as well!!!

Many thanks to both sites, and users of those sites for stopping in here, noticing my work and those that have downloaded!! It's very satisfying to know that someone (lots of someone's) are even interested :o)

To those that have downloaded, I would LOVE to see what you've done with the templates, etc :o) Just throw me a link in comments, Thanks!!!!
Saturday, November 14, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Build Your Own Snowman!

I've been having some fun playing around in PSP.... I've made a bunch of snowmen already,.... and thought I would share with my fellow scrapper/tagger types.

With a little bit of blending, you can make the snowman scarf look really nice!!!

Thanks so much for popping by!!! If you download, leave me some lovins!!!

You can download this kit RAPIDSHARE
Thursday, November 12, 2009

PostHeaderIcon DigiFree picked me!!

I was so surprised and rather excited that my first ever template got picked to be in the DigiFree site :o) I so love that site!! Loads of wonderful goodies to be had.

I told hubby as he was headed home,... he was happy for me too (or humoring me? LOL) at that time I had 12 downloads,... as of now, 14!! How cool :o)

Well, it sparked yet another template!! Getting into holiday mode,.... here you go!!
Hope you like!!! and thank you for downloading!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PostHeaderIcon ..... thank you JaLee!!

JaLeeRenee awarded me this awhile back,... sadly, as I've stated, I have neglected my poor blog here,... and am just now getting around to saying Thank you!!! Was very sweet of her to think of my wee blog here :o) Hopefully with more time and patience, I can turn it into something real?

I would like to pass this award along to some good friends,...

I'd pick more, but JaLee already picked the other 2 I would give to LOL

Anyhow, many thanks for the award JaLee **HUGS**

PostHeaderIcon Been too long....

I am sorely neglecting this blog. My mojo has taken a long vacation and hasn't said when it will return,.... I really want to scrap more, but I guess I'm leery about what I can and can't use,... so I'm working on that,... with a lot of link help from JaLee :o)

In the meantime, I LOVE templates,.... I'm always impressed with those that can create such wonderful, fun and elaborate templates too!!! I've tried and tried again to do something but it always looks lame.

While laying in bed this morning, I had these images pop into mind and sorted them out in my head,.. and though AH!! There's a template that's do-able!!!!

So, here it is,... my very first template,... very basic,... who knows, this could be the start of something though right???? :o)

Anyhow, enjoy!!!
You can download it here RAPIDSHARE
Or here 4SHARED