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Wife of nearly 14 yrs to my best friend, Mother of 4 beautiful children, keeper to 6 furbabies! I have been a dabbler in the Paint Shop Pro world for a couple years seriously now I guess,... and have learned many things through some wonderful friends!!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

PostHeaderIcon I'm alive!

I thought I'd pop over and post a little blurb. Of late, I've just been SOOOO bored with sitting on the computer. I hardly do much on here these days. I pop into Woot! to see what great deal they have for the day,.... I will pop into Subeta and see if there's anything fun going on,.... and of course Facebook,... but that's like IT.  I only just updated my personal blog this morning,.... I slack there as well.  

The PSP bug has just totally left me,... but I'm not gone for good.  I hope that something happens soon and I'm wanting to play again.  Sometimes I miss it, and open PSP and nothing happens.  Or sometimes I mess around with my photos.  I have an at home RL project going on,.... and I'm reading lots.  Other than that,... I'm just here :o)  I hope everyone in the PSP world is doing well and staying creative!!  Keep an eye half open for me,... I might surprise you and pop back into things again.

With that,.... have a lovely Spring and or Summer if I don't return before then!


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